We are the savage, the wild, the edgy, the creative, the passionate
The ones cultivating curiosity, bridging worlds, blurring boundaries.
The change makers & rule breakers

Standing out from the crowd & going the extra mile

HIT, est. 2017, is a luxury streetwear store in the historic center of Bruges
celebrating street culture and high end fashion. We offer a selection of
exclusive streetwear brands with a tasteful urban flavour.

High-end streetwear

You name it, we HIT it!

Selecting top notch brands & bridging the gap between streetwear and luxury fashion. Not compromising on quality, comfort and style. We’ll provide you with premium pieces. You name it, we HIT it! Whether you’re a streetwear newby or a collector, each of our exclusive brands allows you to add some street chic to your wardrobe while standing out from the crowd

Exclusive sneakers

Step up your sneaker game

HIT store is one step away from your favourite kicks. On-trend sneakers of leading brands exceeding the norm.... Step up your sneaker game and add a little edge to your everyday outfit.