Take a stand for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Not often do brands stand up for what everyone should. Today is different: HIT & Vans bring you a very personal and unique campaign, that is heartfelt by thousands if not millions of breast cancer advocates & supporters.

HIT launches F-ck you cancer, I won: A Breast Cancer Awareness campaign for and by young people!

The American cult brand Vans and the Bruges luxury streetwear store HIT stand up for breast cancer. They go a step further and ensure that the young generation can also get checked for breast cancer.

It is especially the personal battle with breast cancer that founder & director Sabiye Gungor has endured, that was the deciding factor for this unique collaboration. Vans gave us the opportunity to make our own personal, but above all fresh and creative "take" of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

 A must-see story
”Most breast cancer awareness campaigns are aimed at an older target group, so there is not enough awareness among the younger generation. And that's a shame, because the earlier the diagnosis, the better your chances of survival, "says Sabiye Gungor. We went all in and bring this story to life with, among other things, a fashion editorial and a creative docu film.

By clicking on "a must-see story" you can see a short glimpse into the docufilm that will be released soon. Keep our page in sight for the full release! 

Auction for charity
The campaign is continued by a fashion photo editorial based on the Vans Get Checked clothing line X breast cancer. These images are converted into prints that will be auctioned on the HIT x Breats Cancer Awareness Facebook page. The proceeds from this are donated to charity, namely the Pink Ribbon fund. You can find more about this at our campaignpage

Borstpiñata goodies
Both the editorial images and the docu film are linked to a social media competition. The winners will then be invited to smash a set of breast piñatas and receive the nice goodies. At the same time, the editorial images will be exhibited live at our store and the BCA collection from Vans will also be available both in store and online!

This way we close the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in a playful atmosphere and emphasize how essential it is to be examined and to be early.

Because breast cancer affects everyone, young and old, women and men, you and me...

To make this campaign a reality we have worked together with a group of talented young creatives of which most have their own heartaching story with Breast Cancer.      

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