The future is here_ BIOCOL LABS IT IS!

From now on you can find the Biocol labs products also at HIT. We are more than ecstatic to be able to offer you these supplements. Below you can find our take on these amazing products & the reason why we are such big fans!

What is Biocol labs? 
The future is here, literally here…
No one likes to be sick and shove themselves full of chemical pills & drugs. Here comes Biocol labs: they make post-chemical essentials for the modern day person. They aren’t some new kids on the block either. They have been avidly working on their gameplay since 1977 and have made sure to come with an actual solution for our dull & bad days with the help of nature & science

Should I try it?
They offer various essentials depending on what your current state of need is. None of them are for everyday use, but man do they help! We offer the following mini miracle cures

  • You are tired, overworked, cold and just not seeing straight? Then “something for the knackered is perfecto for you!

  • Do you want to loose some weight & cleanse yourself before the holidays? No problemo with “Something for a detox week”!

  • Got throat ache and pain say stop right here with something for cactus throat”.

  • Somehow with al the running and planning having trouble with a bloated tummy? Then let “something for bloated tums" sooth you right away!

  • Are you as on all the time as me? Are you not sleeping as good as you should? Then try “something for dreaming” and say bye bye to counting sheep.

  • Winter is here and so is flu season…. Don’t join the heard and get yourself "something for achoos".

  • Lastly holiday’s are here and your weekends are full of parties, but how to survive with a viable liver and be a person the next day? “Something for mini rehab" has got you covered. 

All of these are to be taken depending on the usage & product itself. Be sure to check the box for instructions. They are all made of nature’s finest ingredients and are sure to give you that pep in your walk back! Fore more in-depth info check out their website and/or ask us ;) 

_Biocal labs
making the world free of chemicals and silliness; with the power of minerals and vegetables always at heart.



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